Modern life is digital and mobile.
It's electrifying.
650 million people live without electricity.
3.6 billion people cannot access Internet.
Business happens beyond electricity grids.
Karugrid empowers the digital experience:
Self-installable smart electricity and mobile networking for off-grid sites, communities, and businesses.


Products and Services


Karubox is Karugrid's edge controller which introduces smart electricity for off-grid sites. This compact smart grid controller delivers off-grid businesses and communities locally produced renewable solar power with battery capacity and logic for 24/7 operations. Optimal and flexible use of shared electricity with quota management. Real-time mobile-accessible electricity awareness for all!


does not always require high towers. A home wall with a pole does the job, too.
Karugrid's self-contained and self-installable private 4G/LTE network enables community-wide connectivity: smart services for consumers, public services, and businesses. Extend your digital reach to customers, citizens, and IoT appliances!

Digital Services for Off-grid Areas

Karugrid offers an extendable digital services delivery plaftorm. Deploy your digital services in previously unreachable regions! Deliver and deploy your digital marketplace, mobile learning, payment solutions, messaging, or IoT beyond the boundaries.
Host your digital business with Karugrid edge and access it via Karugrid cloud services!



Solutions and References

Karubox delivers AI-lectricity

Karubox is an intelligent electricity controller for smart off-grids. Its adjustable smart logic enables real-time and prioritised distribution of electricity at capacity-restricted off-grid sites. Your primary electrical appliances remain electrified!
Karubox's mobile-accessible portal brings digital services and applications to remote off-grid sites: m-learning, media delivery, public services, IoT etc. Karubox delivers intelligent electricity!

Electricity Forecasting

Karugrid's AI-lectricity forecasting service delivers reliable and realistic view of the availability of electricity in local off-grid surroundings. The modeling is based on constantly accumulating big-data which significantly improves the accuracy of the electricity forecasts. The AI-lectricity forecasts enable reliable and predictable off-grid operations for businesses, public services, and consumers.


Karubox can be used independently - and it is easy to integrate with other products and larger implementations that require reliably managed electricity, connectivity, and remote service delivery. Integration covers the required aspects on hardware, software, data transfer and cloud connectivity.  

Simple private LTE for communities

Karugrid private LTE network comes in a single box. Open the cover and follow the Ikea-style instructions - and you have mobile connectivity for the whole community!
Managing the network does not require any special skills and can be done using a locally available user interface. Easily set up your off-grid mobile network with predictable electricity from Karubox!  

Local services + Internet

The Karugrid private LTE enables community-wide digital services including an electricity marketplace for the smart off-grid system as well as local voice calls and messaging. For connecting the network to the Internet even a low bandwith satellite service or a connection through a public mobile network is enough.


About Karugrid

Our Team

Heikki Almay

Chairman of the board, Co-founder

30+ years of telecom & datacom experience. System architect and leader, SmartPTO co-founder, Poutanet co-founder

Antti Pinomaa

Managing Director, Co-founder

10+ years of experience in research and development. Electrical engineering, smart grids and ICT. Researcher and project manager, Zero Hertz Systems Co-founder

Martti Ylikoski


30+ years of software and IoT experience. SW architect and product manager, Poutanet co-founder


Ari Virtanen


30+ years of experience in international businesses: general management, international finance marketing & sales, production, and corporate development

Marko Nieminen


30+ years of experience in research, software development and user-centred digital service design. Educator, University Professor

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