8th Jun 2022

KaruICE Small Cell Power Cube - The Best Invention After Ice Cream

In recent weeks we have had many conference calls with people in various African countries. In most calls we have faced problems. Fortunately, it is not about disagreements, but about the participants in the calls dropping out. In those meetings, electricity and connectivity was "over and out" way too soon.

Inconveniently, electricity cut-offs are normal everyday practice in many parts of the world, especially in emerging economies. The network equipment also tends to depend on the electricity from the national grid. Local electricity production offers support and stability for these situations.

The KaruICE Small Cell Power Cube delivers uninterrupted electricity for off-grid mobile base stations - and the surrounding communities.

Solar-powered base station sites are not a novelty, but the smart off-grid solution developed by Karugrid is. It comes with a Karubox inside, which delivers intelligently controlled energy (ICE) for community-hosted mobile base stations. In addition to ensuring 24/7 power supply for the telecom equipment, it allows serving secondary loads such as lighting or cooling for the surrounding community or the host of the site. As long as there is surplus capacity in the system, the Karugrid intelligent control will allow all power loads to be served. When it predicts consumption to exceed the battery capacity, it switches off the secondary loads in order to make sure that prioritized equipment e.g., the telecom base station, is served around the clock – also in case of a rainy day.

The KaruICE Small Cell Power Cube in Operation

The Poutanet Rajamäki test network is powered by off-grid solar. The KaruICE Power Cube delivers intelligently controlled electricity (ICE) with capacity-based prioritisation and active monitoring for

  • the mobile base station including the core networking,
  • digital services for the local community,
  • 5V USB power outlets for charging mobile phones and USB powerbanks
  • standard 230VAC outlets e.g., for a fridge or charging a backpack.

The system consists of regular solar panels and a wall-mountable outdoor cabinet. For convenience, the cabinet comes with holders for the heavy components (battery and inverter/charger) so that these can be inserted with reasonable effort when the cabinet is in place.

Local operation of the system can be done by the people of the community at the site. Special experts are able to monitor and adjust the system using the remote connection. This flexible co-operation delivers maximum electricity, connectivity and digital services for the site and the community.

The KaruICE Power Cube fits easily in many existing surroundings without special arrangements.

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